The Artists:

Tahira has grown up with henna, having it done for weddings, Eid holidays, etc.. and has been doing mehndi herself since she was a teenager. To Tahira, henna is a beautiful art that can bring women of all races and faiths together, making it even more special. She is a homeschooling mother of two children.

Yasmine's passion for henna began at a friend's mehndi party where her curiosity lead to her current position as a henna artist. She has been hooked ever since.  Her fascination with henna art has now turned into a job that she truly takes enjoyment in.  She is currently home enjoying her time with her son. 

We only use natural ingredients in our henna. Our
henna consists of 100% natural henna, lemon juice,
and/or tea, sugar/dextrose/honey/molasses and essential oils. We also offer glitter body art as an embellishment
to henna or to be used alone. Our glitter and supplies
are of cosmetic grade and are safe for use on skin.

We offer glitter body art to children under 6, since we
cannot henna them because they may have the G6PD deficiency and can potentially have an allergic reaction.
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We do not use black mehndi or ppd as it can cause
scarring and internal damage. Please see here
Health Canada's warning on black henna as it is illegal
in Canada.